Become your own power station

Power your life by becoming your own power station and start selling excess energy back to the grid.

Why choose us

Tailor-made to saveSolar systems that are custom designed to suit your family's needs and provide financial freedom from rising energy costs.

Invest in your futureIntelligent power solutions for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow as well as true energy independence.

Smart insightsSmart insight into your home’s solar energy production through monitoring in the cloud.

Trusted workmanshipCrafted with precision, our workmanship reflects unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

How it worksIf you would like to know more about any specific details then feel free to contact us.


ProduceUsing the power of the sun, let your solar system do the work for you and produce energy for your home at a cheaper cost than electricity from the grid.


SaveAt Sunworx, we assist families in switching to a cheaper energy alternative and in turn provide financial freedom to families against the rising costs of electricity.


ConsumeLet your home consume energy from your solar system first, thereby reducing your reliance on the grid and reducing your total energy bill.


SellAny excess energy that your home does not consume from your solar system can be fed back into the grid, allowing you to receive payments from your energy retailer for the surplus electricity you generate.

Significant savings & financial securityBy generating your own electricity with solar power, you become less reliant on the grid. This energy independence provides greater control over your energy supply and reduces vulnerability to energy price fluctuations.

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Our aim is to provide solar solutions that will be cheaper than your current electricity bills, which will also allow you to take back control of your current electricity costs as well as rising electricity costs in the future.

Our energy saving consultants are committed to providing individual custom assessments to each and every home and building tailored energy solutions to suit your individual homes needs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach as each home consumes electricity differently.

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Due to substantially reduced costs in commercial scale solar power systems the return on investment has become very attractive to businesses with drastically reduced payback periods.

Our approach provides a single point of contact for all aspects of the development and implementation process.
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Protect your solar investment with bird proofing. The solar panel bird proofing is designed to prevent birds and pests from accessing the area beneath solar arrays. Protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel bird deterrent kit.

Solar PanelCleaning

Ensure your system performs at its optimal performance all year round.

Through our panel cleaning program, you will maximise your system performance all year round and maximise your savings.

Repairs& Servicing

If you are unsure if your system is working correctly or require a repair or replacement, our friendly team can assess your system and give you the best advice on the next steps.


Energy produced by solar panels during the day can be stored and used at night with battery storage.

Sunworx provides cutting-edge battery storage solutions to seamlessly integrate with your solar inverter.


Start your journey to financial freedom with solar financing, as you harness the sun’s energy to not only save on electricity bills but also invest in a sustainable future for yourself and the planet.

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Energy for lifeUnlock the potential of solar energy
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